• Lock Rekey

  • Keys loss is something that eventually happens to almost each one of us. Some manage to find their keys shortly after, but those who cannot find their keys anywhere should find another solution ASAP. The inability to unlock your door when you don’t have your keys within reach is no the only problem that should be solved.

    The real question is who might find your lost keys and what he might do with them. Once you lose your keys, there is always a chance that they will reach the wrong hands, but this issue can be prevented, if action is taken in time. The best solution for lost keys is the locks rekeying service.

    Once you get your lock rekeyed, it will be absolutely impossible to unlock your door with the key that you lost. It’s like installing a totally different key, but that’s a faster, easier and even cheaper procedure. If you lost your set of keys and you want to make sure that nobody will be able to get into your house or your business once he finds your keys, dial (855) 627-8287 right now to get your lock rekeyed!

    Why rekey and not lock replace?

    • No need to install a new lock
    • No need to pay for a new lock
    • Rekey = same result, for a lower price!

    Rekeying a lock means changing the code combination of the “pins” inside a lock. Once it’s done, the inner code of the the lock changes and it will be impossible to unlock this lock with its original key. You will get a brand new key, which has the lock’s new code carved in its key blade, so the result will be the same as if you installed a different lock, minus the unnecessary expense that you won’t pay.

    Our professionals can rekey all types of locks and this services is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Dial (855) 627-8287 right now, to get your lock rekeyed on-site, within 20 minutes of your call!