• Commercial locksmith

  • Business owners know that there are many factors to take care of when running a business. The ones that directly impact the functionality and profitability of the business are not the only ones that matter. If you are a business owner in the state of Florida and you are planning to get a security upgrade made, Locks&Smith Florida has all the business security solutions you might ever find yourself in need of.

    We employ many licensed and bonded commercial security specialists, who have many years of experience to back their reputation. They also use the most advanced and highest quality equipment. From a simple lock change or lock rekey, to the most advanced type of security system's installation and maintenance, we will provide everything you might ever need for the security of your business.

    If you need a consultation about anything related to the security of your business, you can count on us to come over and evaluate your needs on-site. Just dial (855) 627-8287 to schedule and appointment!

    Our services include:

    • Safe unlock
    • Emergency business lockout
    • Keyless entry locks
    • Panic bars installation
    • High security locks
    • Locks rekeying
    • Master key systems

    There is no shortage of different ways to protect a business place, but some methods are most cost effective than the others, so the right choice might as well mean a lot of money and time saved. If you want to find our which type of solution will work best for your business place, our experts will gladly come right to your address, evaluate your individual security needs and provide a consultation.

    We offer the highest quality products and the most professional services for the most competitive rates. Moreover, all our services are provided with a 90-day guarantee, to keep you covered on the long run. If you want to make sure that your business is protected like fortress, call Locks&Smith Florida today at (855) 627-8287 to schedule an appointment with one of our licensed and bonded security specialists!

  • Keypad locks

    Keypad locks are great for those businesses where access to certain room should be available only for staff members. They are very useful also as keyless front door locks. Other types of padlocks can turn the access to certain rooms even more limited, because they require both an access to a key and the knowledge of a certain secret code. Each business has different needs and priorities, but we will gladly help you to choose the padlock that will fit you best!

  • Scanner Locks

    Installation of a scanner lock on a door is the best way to make sure that only you and/or people that you really trust can unlock that door. Such tools as an eye scanner lock existed only in science fiction movies in the not so far past, but nowadays - they and fingertip scanner locks are available for affordable prices and can be installed by our locksmiths, fast and easily!

  • Key card locks

    These locks are recommended to business owners who want to limit the access to certain areas of the business and make it extremely easy for the trusted employees to unlock these doors with primitive ease. Such a lock with spare the workers the effort of using a key and even pressing a code.

  • Secure Locks

    Secure locks provide the highest security level there is. They are the most reliable locks, because they cannot be compromised easily and it's impossible to fake their keys as well. There are many different types of secure locks, which have different external advantages. Our experts will evaluate your individual needs on-site and recommend you the ultimate lock that will turn your property into a fortress.