• CCTV Cameras

  • Are you searching for a closed-circuit television system to install at your home or business place, in order to keep it better protected?

    If so, then you have reached the right place, because apart from our locksmith services, Locks&Smith Florida offers also CCTV solutions for all types and sizes of property, be it a small apartment or an extremely large factory. Different places need different solutions and we have everything you might ever need in stock, ready to be installed the day you contact us.

    Our licensed and bonded experts will find the solution that will cover all your needs and you will get it for the lowest price available in the state. We are ready to turn your property into the best protected place in the city anytime. Call us today at (855) 627-8287 and feel free to ask us any questions you might have about CCTV systems!

    Why Locks&Smith Florida and not DIY?

    • We will spare you the need to explore the rather rich and varied world of CCTV equipment. Your needs will be evaluated on-site and you will get the ultimate custom solution, that serves all of your individual needs.
    • Our solutions are the most cost-effective. We will spare you the need to use 32 cameras in a place that doesn't need more than 16 wisely dispersed cameras.
    • Competitive rates! The facts that we work directly with the best manufacturers of CCTV equipment and purchase huge stocks of every related product allows us to provide parts and services for prices that have no competition in the market.
    • Individual treatment - each house and business differs from the other ones. The solution that you will get is one of a kind, planned especially for your specific needs.

    In an age when it takes just a few clicks to buy DVRs and cameras, there is still no replacement for experience and the most up to date knowledge, which our qualified experts are always glad to share with our customers. Take advantage of our high quality products and get a custom CCTV solution that will keep you on top of your security. Dial (855) 627-8287 now for more information!

  • Dome Cameras

    These are the most popular CCTV cameras, for many good reasons. They are hard to manipulate or break, easy to install and one cannot know which direction the camera's lens is pointing at. 

  • Infra Red Cameras

    If you can place this camera in a place that is hard to reach, then it will serve you well in low light conditions. We have different types of infra red cameras and we will recommend you the one that suits your location best!

  • Wireless Cameras

    The wireless camera is a perfect solution for those for whom connection to the DVR is not practical, at the location where the camera should be installed. We can also offer wireless transmitters and receivers that can be attached to standard cameras, whenever it's needed.