• Which security devices are really helpful?

  • The locks market nowadays is full of different security devices, most of them being well designed and overall high quality tools.

    However, a well functioning tools is not necessarily one that will help you to keep your property safe. Surprisingly, some rather well designed (and at first sight - also very useful) devices can be even more harmful than useful.

    In this article, you will find useful tips that will help you to protect your property in a more effective way.

    • Locks - obviously, the more secure is the lock, the harder will it be to unlock your door and get into your house. The price of a good lock is quite negligible, compared to the value of the property that can be stolen, in case that a compromise on the quality of the lock is made.
    • External lighting with motion sensors - this is less obvious than a good lock, but it's extremely useful and effective. Lighting attracts the attention of neighbors and other people around, hence burglars feel less motivated to attempt to break into such a place, because they would easily be noticed and would look suspicious.
    • Dummy security cameras - when all is said and done, they are not extremely helpful, when it comes to home protection. First of all, their presence makes an impression that the home owner has something extremely valuable (and worth) stealing inside the house, if he goes the extra mile and installs security cameras. This can motivate thieves to take their chances, and once the did is done and an attempt to break into a house is made, a dummy security camera will not be more useful than any other random piece of metal in the house. If you device to use dummy security cameras, keep in mind that these are not the security devices that you should rely on most.

    It's also important to mention the fact that combination of two and more security devices can increase your security a lot. The more levels of protection you have - the better!