• Which locksmith companies can you trust?

  • Security issues like a key that gets forgotten inside a car or a house, lost or broken, are pretty much inevitable. Few are the people who never experience at least one of these issues during their lifetime. 

    While such issues can happen literally to anyone, it's important to remember that not every company who claims to be able to provide the necessary solution is reliable enough and worth the risk of letting them deal with your security, no matter if it's "just a mail box lock" or a rekey service made for all the doors at your business place.

    Locksmith companies are many and your time is most probably limited when you need their service, so lest you waste your precious time and money on a service that won't satisfy your needs, pay attention to the following details:

    Call only local companies

    While it might seem to be a rather obvious criteria, it's important to pay attention to it. Double check the company's location and make sure that their technician can arrive fast enough. Some companies might be located too far, or just not have any technicians available in your area, because they all might be busy at the moment.

    Only licensed and bonded locksmiths!

    Remember that the security of your possessions and either your employees or your family that depends on the service that you are about to use - no less! Ask whether the technician is licensed and bonded and ask him to present the documents that can prove it, before you let him deal with your locks and keys. Don't accept such excuses as "I forgot to take the documents" or any suggestions to provide the service for a lower price, because the locksmith has already arrived.

    Find out the price!

    Not all the surprises are nice, and there is no shortage of locksmith companies with a dubious reputation, who charge hidden fees once the service is provided. Make sure that you find out the exact price that you need to pay for your service, before the technician shows up!

    Last but not least, if you are located in the state of Florida, you are always welcome to take advantage of the services that Locks&Smith Florida offers! All our technicians are licensed and bonded, we charge flat rate prices for every service and our arrival within 20 minutes of your call is guaranteed!