• Which Locks Can Be Re-keyed?

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    If you are moving into a new home in Miami or have recently suffered a break-in, you may be considering having your locks re-keyed!


    How do you know if your residential locks can be re-keyed?

    The answer is simple, all locks can be re-keyed by a professional locksmith. When calling a locksmith to get a quote for this service, make sure to tell them exactly how many locks there are and the types of locks.

    This way the locksmith will be able to give you an accurate quote.


    Do I need a locksmith?

    Yes and no. There are re-key kits now available in stores that the average person is supposed to be able to purchase and use. We still recommend having a locksmith handle this for you.

    If for any reason there is an issue with a locksmith's re-keyed lock, they will have a guarantee on their service. If you re-key your locks yourself and a problem occurs, you are the one responsible for the extra time, money, and headache.


    Should I buy new locks instead?

    The answer to this will depend on how many and what type of locks you need re-keyed. There will be instances where it is more cost effective to replace the locks on the doors rather than have them re-keyed.

    This is a question that a qualified locksmith can answer for you and your individual situation.


    What if I have a rental property?

    If you are a landlord, it is absolutely advised to re-key or replace the locks in between tenants. Though the tenant may return your keys when they leave, this does not mean that copies were not made.

    It is always best to be security conscious and avoid the possibility of burglary all together. There are some states that require locks to be re-keyed after each tenant, check your local laws to be sure.