• Which commercial locks suit your business?

  • While there is usually no need to use any extremely special locks for the doors in a private house, your might consider using very specific locks that have special characteristics, that suit the individual needs of each section of the business place.

    The reason is usually the fact that all the people who leave in the same house or apartment are allowed to visit all the different parts of the place and it's not a big deal if the access to some of the rooms is not strictly limited.

    When it comes to business places, such as factories or research and development centers, it's extremely important to keep some of the places strictly classified, by limiting the access to them, through using special locks.

    The following locks will help you to keep the different classified areas of your business safe from strangers and easy to enter for those who are supposed to enter them:

    High Security Locks

    These are quite the "heavy hitters". They are the most resistant to burglary and they are usually meant to keep places that are rarely visited by people safe. Once you put your most important and precious possessions in a look that is protected by a high security lock, you can be sure that no other lock will keep them protected as effectively.

    Scanner Locks

    Bio-metric locks are the most reliable locks, when it comes to strict access limitation. Keys, codes and cards can be lost or stolen, while scans of finger prints or eyes are absolutely individual and cannot be faked. There are other types of locks that are cheaper, but the value that you get for the price of a scanner lock is really worth the investment. These locks are the best for places that are supposed to be accessed by very few chosen people.

    Key Card Locks

    Key card locks are not as secure as scanner locks, but they are better for places that should be available to a relatively big group of employees. They are better than locks that need keys to be opened and closed, because it takes less time to use a card, than to unlock and then lock the door manually.

    Keypad Locks

    These are not the most secure locks by any means, but they are good enough to protect classified areas that should not be accessed easily. Their biggest disadvantage is that the code can reach the wrong ears or eyes, but as easily can the locks be re-programmed as well, so it's better to use them than to leave the place unprotected.

    These types of locks are very common in businesses nowadays, but of course there are many other types of commercial locks. If you need a recommendation for a lock, Locks&Smith Florida is always at your service, so contact us right away!