• Types of Car Keys

  • It's been over a century since Ford's "Model T" (the first type of car that was affordable to middle class Americans) reached the market and the sphere of cars production has developed dramatically since then.

    Although cars still have the same number of wheels, a windshield and an ignition, there are many different type of them and they are made of different materials and based on different technologies. As a result, different types of car keys got developed over the years as well. Since different types of car keys is not a topic that people tend to discuss too often.

    As a result - there are many drivers who don't even know for sure what type of car key they need to get replaced, once they call us. The following article will explain you everything about the main 3  types of car keys!  

    Standard Metal Keys

    These keys are exactly what one would expect them to be, judging by the tile - standard keys, made of a solid piece of metal. Nowadays, these keys are less common than they used to be in the past, but neither are they rare.  

    VATS Keys

    This type of ("Vehicle Anti-Theft") keys is relatively rare nowadays, but owners of old vehicles (mainly old "Volvo" cars) still use them. These are high security keys and their production is more complicated than that of standard metal keys.  

    Transponder Keys

    This type of keys is the most common nowadays. If you have a car that was made in the 2000's, it probably came with a Transponder key. These keys are equipped with a special chip, which receives a radio signal from the ignition, once you put it inside. Then that chip is hidden under the plastic part of the key and it sends a signal back to the ignition, to prove that it's the real owner's key and not just a duplicate.

    Transponder keys are the best keys when it comes to protection from auto theft, especially because of the fact that if your key gets stolen - it will be enough just to get your ignition re-programmed, in order to make it impossible for the thief to start your car.  

    Last but not least, many customers often claim that they are not sure whether their car keys are VATS or Transponder keys, because it's surely not just a standard metal key. The difference is easy to notice - VATS keys have an electric resistor on the key blade, while Transponder keys don't. Should you ever find yourself in need of a car key replacement service in Florida, call us at (855) 627-8287!