• The human aspect of being a locksmith

  • For those who are surprised to see such an unusual semi-philosophical title, this article is a sequel, that continues yesterday's post about what should be done in order to become a professional locksmith, who knows how to do his job right and has the necessary knowledge and tools.

    Today's article is dedicated to the less technical, but not less important factor of this profession - the most basic human factor, which cannot be neglected or ignored by people who work with their customers directly, usually in times of emergency.

    So which qualities should a person possess, in order to be able to service his customers to their satisfaction?


    • Self confidence - when your customers see that you show self confidence, they will feel more confident and relaxed themselves. It will make them trust you, so there will be less pressure in the air when you deal with your task. In short, it's good for both sides!
    • Honesty - this is the most obvious thing in this business, but it must never be overlooked. An honest technician is one whose name will be spread wide among his customers, while any greedy attempt to charge a price that is way too high, or to save on expenses by installing a trashy lock, could ruin your reputation for good. In an age of such tools as Facebook, Twitter and the likes - it's extremely easy to have an impact on a professional's reputation, be it in a positive or in a negative way.
    • Keep an open mind! This job will expose you to communicate with people of any sex, race, age category and socioeconomic class. It might take some time to learn to deal with different types of people, but what matters most is that you keep and open mind and do your best to provide the best service possible for each and every customer.
    • Get used to an unstable schedule! Unless you have a day off, you will never know when your service might be needed, especially if you work in a company that offers 24/7 locksmith services. Chances that you will find yourself compelled to drive in the cold at 2 AM to a customer's location are as high as the chances that it will happen a 2 PM.


    Long story short - to be a locksmith means to have a rewarding job that can bring a lot of personal satisfaction. It also demands quite a serious sacrifice, so it's not for everyone.

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