• Test yourself - how safe is your house?

  • Is your home really protected the way it should be, once you are not around? Many people would provide a positive answer for this question, most probably due to being optimistic, but some of them eventually learn the hard way and get disillusioned when it's already too late.

    Security is not something that should be taken for granted, so if you don't have a serious reason to be sure that your property is protected the way it deserves to be, it's better to go the extra mile and provide the best protection you can for your family and possessions.

    The following article offers an easy way to test how well your home is protected. Answer the following questions and you will get a good idea about how secure your house really is!

    Do you always make sure that your windows are closed, each time you leave your house?

    A place that has open windows is an easier target for thieves, especially if the windows are not located too high and can be accessed easily.

    Are you sure that the lock that is installed in your front door is good enough?

    Many people don't even know what types of locks are installed inside their doors, left alone any information about their functionality, or the level of security that they provide to their property. If you are not sure about how well your lock protects your place, it's a good idea to consult with a professional locksmith about it.

    Is there a handle that can open your front door from the outside, in case that you (or someone else) forget to lock the house?

    This scenario is more common among business places, because naturally - employees dedicate less thought to the security of their work place, than home owners dedicate to their own precious property.

    Nevertheless, it's important to make sure that you either can trust all the keys owners, or change the lock to one that doesn't have a handle, because an unlocked house is the easiest place to rob!