• Should I wait until the morning?

  • Many security issues tend to take place during the most inconvenient hours of the day. To be more precise - they happen in the middle of the night, right when it seems that the rest of the city is sleeping and there is no nobody out there who is ready to go to your place and fix your issue, no matter how simple or complicated it might be.

    One of the most common phenomenons that happen when people find themselves in need of a locksmith service is that they decide to wait until the morning, because they assume that a locksmith service would cost more, once it's provided in the middle of the night, rather than if it's provided during daytime.

    While there are some cases when this assumption is not wrong, we at Locks&Smith Florida would recommend that you don't wait any extra minute before you book an appointment with a locksmith, no matter if it's 3 OM or 3 AM right now. The reason is simply the fact that everything can become much more complicated, if it's postponed.


    Many times have our technicians dealt with the following issues, which would be much easier and cheaper to solve, if the customers called them immediately:

    • Broken ignition repair (because the customer spent the whole night messing around with it)
    • Lock replacement, instead of a simple rekey (same reason as in the aforementioned case)
    • Car key replacement (the night was long enough to get the key broken or lost)


    Should you find yourself in need of a locksmith at 2 AM, don't hesitate to look for a local company that works 24/7. Just ask them about their rates, when it comes to services provided during the night. There are many companies that charge no extra fees!

    The faster you take action - the easier will it be for the locksmith to solve your problem and you will have to pay a lower price for it as well. Last but not least, remember - if you don't have the necessary knowledge and tools that a professional locksmith has, it's better to avoid trying to fix your security issues on your own. Even if the night is still young and you have plenty of spare time!