• Security Cameras Guide for Beginners

  • In addition to mobile locksmith services, Locks&Smith Florida provides also CCTV cameras installation services.

    Many of our customers are not sure which type of camera would serve their needs the best way, so this news update is written in order to introduce the different types of security cameras to those who consider to get security cameras installed at their home of business.  


    Most popular types of security cameras:

    • IR (infrared) security cameras
    • Hidden cameras
    • Dome cameras
    • Pan tilt zoom cameras
    • Pro box cameras


    Infrared cameras are good for both business and home security surveillance needs. The obvious advantage of these cameras is that they can provide a high quality picture at any circumstances. They are as effective when they are used in the poorest light conditions (or total darkness) as if there is a lot of light in the area.

    They can be used both indoor and outdoor and they are not affected by extreme weather conditions. Dome cameras have the advantage of a "hidden" lens, which means that it's not clear where they point at, so it's impossible to figure out where their "dead zone" is.

    Pan tilt zoom cameras can be controlled by the user, so it's possible to move them in any direction and have a zoom option as well. It's possible to program preset tours for these cameras. The majority of pan tilt zoom cameras have a dome type housing. These cameras cost more than a standard dome camera, but if a regular dome camera is not enough to cover your needs, you will surely get a great value for your money, once you purchase a pan tilt zoom camera.

    Pro box cameras provide the highest quality picture. If you want to use a security camera only in daylight, it's better to use this type of camera than an infrared camera.

    Hidden cameras, obviously, have the advantage of being unseen by the crowd. They can be disguised as fake smoke detectors, clocks, various signs or clocks. Their disadvantage is that most of them won't provide a high quality picture in low light conditions and neither are most of them weatherproof.  

    If you are not sure about the choice that will serve your needs best, call us at Locks&Smith right now at (855) 627-8287 in order to get a consultation from one of our CCTV experts!