• Residential VS Commercial Locksmith Services

  • "What does it matter? A lock is just a lock..." - this is what customers often say, once they are asked whether they need to get a service provided for in a house or a business place.

    Although it might sound technically right, there is a difference between a residential and a commercial locksmith service, when the time to provide either of them comes.

    The aim of this article is to explain the difference between residential and commercial locksmith services, as they are seen from a locksmith company's point of view.


    The basic differences are the following:

    • The level of security that is needed
    • Types of doors
    • Types of locks
    • The way the clients contact the company
    • The time of the day when a service is needed


    First of all, it's important to emphasize that it's not a matter of priority. All the customers are considered equally important, no matter what service is needed. It's just that it's easier to figure out what should be done and what type of equipment should be used, in order to provide the service.

    Although both private houses and businesses are potential targets for burglars, most of them use a different approach when they try to break into a business place or a house. The chances that there is more money or other valuable possessions locked in a business are usually higher, therefore there business owners tend to prefer a higher level of protection. This refers both to the doors and the locks which are used in business places.

    Many businesses don't work 24 hours a day, so phone calls related to residential security issues, made during night hours, holidays and weekends are more common than those related to business security issues. Also, emergency calls from home owners are more common than those made by business owners. On the other hand, business owners often contact locksmith companies via e-mail (asking for a security upgrade, or other non-emergency services) and schedule appointments with locksmith technicians more than a day in advance.

    In conclusion, if you call a locksmith company and the dispatcher asks you whether you need a residential or commercial locksmith service, it doesn't mean that you will be treated with less dedication than a client who provides a different answer. It will only help the company to get a better idea about your needs and be better prepared to face your problem with excellence!