• Proactive Behavior in Emergency Situations

  • The following Locks&Smith Florida news update is dedicated to the importance of proactive behavior, in times when a person needs to face unexpected problems.

    When it comes to security issues, there are 3 things that you will usually not have within reach, which are needed in order to fix the problem:

    • The necessary tools
    • The necessary knowledge
    • Any type of related experience

    In an age when even experienced car thieves and safe crackers can fail to do what they try to do, despite their access to all the aforementioned factors, it's important to understand that your lock is probably not that primitive and there is no such a thing as an easy solution for a security issue.  


    Why not DIY?

    When it comes to security, pro-activity is the right way to stay safe and to avoid unpleasant issues, such as lockout, keys being lost or broken locks. Should you come across a security issue that already occurred, you should remember that in 99% of the cases, a "do it yourself" attempt to solve the problem is destined to fail and even make more harm, rather than solve your problem instantly.

    For example - if you try to break your door with a shoulder, chances that you will get injured and the door will stay unlocked are way higher than the chances that you will be able to get into the house or the office. There is a reason why locksmith companies exist and this reason is simply the inevitable need of professional skills, knowledge, experience and equipment, which are needed in order to overcome such issues as car or house lockout, or, obviously, reproduction of brand new keys or rekeying.  


    How to prevent security issues?

    Although many of them are indeed unforeseeable, there are some security issues that can be prevented. For example - if you install a lock that has a handle outside, you will never find yourself locked out of your house.

    Proper maintenance of locks will also expand their longevity, so don't hesitate to use oil spray, if your lock shows signs of wear and you don't want to find yourself unable to unlock your door all of a sudden.

    Should you have any questions regarding proactive security maintenance tips, feel free to contact Locks&Smith Florida at (855) 627-8287!