• Popular Types of Locks

  • When looking to purchase a lock for your home, office or business, the array of selections can truly be overwhelming. Locks for home, commercial property or cars are well equipped with security and other features. Below are the most common types of locks which are used in our time.

    Office Lock

    If your office do not need a lot of security, then office locks can be used. Examples of this kind includes storage locks or your individual office door locks. Office locks needs a key to open and get inside. It generally has a push or turn button located above the door handle. You can either lock or unlock with the help of the level; however, this does not provide privacy or security.

    Privacy Set

    Privacy locks are used in hospitals, wash or dressing rooms—bedrooms and bathrooms can also use this kind of locking system. You secure the lock from inside using a push or thumb turn. Sometimes these privacy sets will include indicators to show the locked status of the door— whether locked or unlocked.

    Locks for Storerooms

    If you want to secure heater room, electrical room, or mechanical rooms, then storeroom locks are the ideal pick. The outside lever is always locked but you can open the door by using an outside key. The down side is that you cannot lock-up from the inside.


    These are the most common door locks found in the main doors of a home. It is very easy to fix as you may need to modify your door to a very minimal extent. Deadbolts interlock with the jamb bracket, preventing it from getting pulled apart and a surface mount lock screws the door from inside.

    Wall Mounted Locks

    Wall mounted locks are the most common type of locks and are mounted on the wall. They are generally used for large business and offer emergency access to building keys. You can use them for safes or deposit boxes rather than just for storage purposes.

    Other Types

    There are many other types of locks like Furniture Locks, Rim Latch Locks, Euro Profile Cylinders, Rim/Mortise Locks, and Vending/T-Handle Locks to name a few. Find out which one suits you best and make that choice.