• Padlocks

  • Padlocks go with us far back into history and it has always been used to keep something locked up. Today we use padlocks for a numerous amount of day to day activities. Locking of gates, fences, lockers, and chains; you name it.

    Padlocks are of popular use for both low and high security measures. A wide range of uses require a wide range of sizes and types for the functions they’re used for. Listed below are different types of padlocks:

    Laminated Padlocks

    The body is made from multiple layers of metal melted together to make it difficult to tamper with, harder to pry open, and tough.

    Weather Resistant Padlocks

    Metal, as we know it, begin to rust if left outside for a period of time. Made from weather resistant material, a padlock is less resistant to corroding.

    Combination Padlocks

    Instead of a key, a combination or dial of numbers on a padlock is used to lock and unlock the lock.

    Combination with Key Control Padlocks

    Simple as its name, this padlock has both a series of numbers and a master key.

    Guarded/Shrouded/Shielded Padlocks

    This kind of padlock has metal guards surrounding the padlock like shackles.

    High Security Padlocks

    When you have important valuables to protect, hard and heavy padlocks help safeguard your possessions. Padlock features are hardened steel or have shrouded shackles, like the padlocks mentioned above.

    Advantages of Padlocks

    Padlocks are strong and secure; can be used to prevent crime and theft, vandalism, and forced entry. They are convenient, affordable, and easy to access; you can buy them in stores anywhere.

    What can I do with Padlocks?

    It’s up to you to decide whether you need a padlock or not, and what you want to do with it. Think about what kind of valuables you have, if you need to secure and protect them from theft. The more valuable the item, the stronger the padlock you will need. If you decide you need a padlock, consider your surroundings. Will you keep the padlock outside? Inside? Keep a professional locksmith contact details close at hand. Be informed about what kind of padlock will suit your needs.