• Master Key

  • The master key is a great solution for those who need to have an easy way to unlock numerous doors, without using a big number of keys and looking for the right key that matches each door.

    The majority of the locks that are being installed in residential and commercial buildings have cylinders. "Pin and tumbler" is the most popular type of cylinders. It has metal pins inside and their length differs from one another. All the pins, combined, comprise the individual code of the cylinder.

    Once the wrong key is inserted into a pin and tumbler cylinder, not all the pins will line up the way they should and the lock mechanism will not allow the door to open. While the majority of cylinders has pins that are aligned in pairs, each sequence inside the lock is comprised of 3 pins. The third pin in the sequence is called "spacer".

    This construction method allows two different keys to open the lock. One key will match the two pin pattern (and it will be able to open only one specific lock), while the other key (that matches both the 2 pins and the 3 pins sequences) will be able to open numerous different locks.

    In every group of master key locks, the length of the lowest pin is identical in all the locks, while the length of the spacer pin differs from one lock to another. As a result - the owner of the master key will not have to carry more than one key with him, in order to unlock all the matching locks.

    Master key systems are very useful for business owners, especially when it comes to such places as hotels. They can spare a lot of time and confusion  (especially in moments of pressure!) and even save human life in some emergency cases.

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