• Locksmith equipment stolen in Canada

  • A Calgary-based locksmith business was recently robbed and around 70 thousands of Canadian Dollars worth equipment got stolen.

    According to police reports, the stolen equipment includes car keys cutting and programming tools, as well as equipment that can make keys for vending machines and unlock safes. The identity of the thieves is yet to be revealed.

    If such an incident happened in another country, it could happen in any other place as well. The news blog of Locks&Smith Florida has received many a feedback from readers who work in the locksmith industry, therefore we would like to warn our colleagues about it.

    Calgary, AB is located relatively close to the US border, so it would not be very surprising if the stolen equipment was transported to the US. If you are reading this article and work in the locksmith business, please pay attention to possible suspicious locksmith equipment sale offers, if you come across any.

    Also, if you are a locksmith technician or a locksmith equipment shop owner yourself, please draw the conclusions from this incident. It happened to them, so it might happen to you as well. Please do your best to keep your shop or your van protected, in such a way that even you would find it hard to break into it yourself, despite having all the necessary knowledge and equipment.

    Last but not least, the rest of the readers - please keep your eyes open as well. Whenever you hear about locksmith equipment being stolen in your area, or about suspicious 2nd hand locksmith equipment being offered for sale in your area - report about it to the police.

    Any attempt to take preventive action might save the property of the people around you and your own property from a possible burglary in the future. It's impossible to prevent each and every security issue, but public awareness can do wonders. Help yourself by helping the people around you!