• Locks Rekey F.A.Q.

  • Locks rekey is one of the most common home locksmith services. It proved to be a very effective and reliable solution over the years.

    The aim of this article is to present the advantages of the lock rekey service and answer the most common questions that customers tend to ask about it.

    Should you have any additional questions about the lock rekey service, which are not mentioned below, feel free to contact Locks&Smith Florida anytime at (855) 627-8287!


    Q: I lost my keys, so I suppose that I need to get a new lock installed, in order to protect my property from anyone who might find the lost key, right?

    A: If you lost your keys, then you don't have to replace your lock. In this case, the best thing that you can do, as a customer, is to use a lock rekey service instead. (Our dispatchers always recommend this service to customers who lose their keys)


    Q: Could you explain what is the lock rekey service all about, please?

    A: Every lock has pins inside it. These pins create an individual code combination together. This code is also cut in the keyblade. Lock rekeying means changing the code inside the lock. When it's done, the original key will not be able to open the lock anymore. You will get a brand new key instead.


    Q: And why is lock rekey better than a lock change?

    A: Because when you get a new lock installed, the price of the service includes a new lock. If you use a lock rekey service instead, you will spare yourself this expense, without compromising on security. The lost key will become useless anyway, whether it's because you rekey your lock or install a different one.


    Q: This lock rekey service seems too good to be true. What's the catch?

    A: As cliche' as it sounds - there is really no "catch" at all. Lock rekey will save you money, while it saves time for us, because there is no need for the technician to disassemble your lock and install a different one.


    Q: If my lock is broken, can you rekey it, so it will work properly again?

    A: No, this is impossible. A lock rekey service can be provided only if the lock still works the way it should.