• Locks Guide for Beginners

  • What type of lock do I need?

    This is one of the most popular questions that our customers tend to ask our dispatchers, when they call Locks&Smith Florida. It's a perfectly legitimate question and it's great that people care enough to ask our specialists, rather than just buy a random lock, which might not be the right choice at all.

    Our aim as a local locksmith shop is to provide the best products and the best recommendations for the local citizens, therefore we would like to publish a short introduction to the world of locks, for those who never wondered what types of locks are installed in their doors and what they should do in case that something happens to their doors. 

    Deadbolt Locks

    There are 3 types of Deadbolt locks (single, double and lockable thumbturn), single Deadbolt being the most commonly used. The lock that is installed in your front door is probably a Deadbolt. We have all types of Deadbolt locks and our technicians car rekey them as well, in case that you lose your keys. 

    Knob Locks

    These locks are best used as an extra protection , in addition to a deadbolt lock. If you are looking for a main lock for your front door, better avoid using them, because these locks are very easy to hack, so they won't provide the level of security that is necessary to protect your property.

    Cam Locks

    These locks are mostly used for mail boxes and file cabinets. They provide a low security level, but neither are they planned to protect your entire house or business place.

    Rim/Mortise Locks

    These locks are recommended for business owners and can definitely work as fine residential locks as well. They will do your security justice!

    There are countless other types of locks available at the market and on our shelves and our specialists will gladly explain you everything you want to know, about any type of lock. If you don't have the time to explore the world of locks more in depth and you need an urgent solution, because your have a faulty lock that should be replaced ASAP, you will probably find the answer to your needs right here!