• Lock Rekey or Lock Change?

  • Lock change and lock rekey are among the most popular services that locksmiths provide. This article is dedicated exclusively to them! Many of our clients are only aware of the the lock change option, which actually can solve the problems that a lock rekey would solve, but in many cases - a lock rekey is a better option than an installation of a brand new lock

    The thing is that a lock rekey can save the customers money, in case that a lock rekey can be provided, so if you are not sure whether you need one option or another, we encourage you to call Locks&Smith Florida at :p: for a consultation!  

    These are the cases when it's better to get a lock rekey service:

    • You lost your keys
    • Your key got broken
    • Your key got stolen

    And a compulsory condition that allows a lock rekey service to be provided is the fact that no damage was caused to your lock and it still works without any problems.

    What is a Lock Rekey?

    It's probably needless to explain what a lock change service is all about, because this is too obvious, so we will just explain what it means "to rekey a lock". Each lock has a certain code that its keys are cut in a way that they can unlock it. A lock rekey is a simple operation that bumps the "pins" inside the lock, thus changing the code inside the lock itself.

    Once your lock gets rekeyed, you will get a brand new key provided by the locksmith on-site and the lost or stolen key will become as useless as any other piece of metal that doesn't have your code's lock carved on it. Lock rekey is a cheaper service than a lock change, because it spares the customer the need to pay for a brand new lock.

    On the other hand - it provides the same level of protection that a brand new lock would have provided. The only "catch" is that only locks that work properly can be rekeyed. The sooner you rekey your lock after its loss or theft, the faster will your property get its security back!