• Licensed and Bonded Locksmiths

  • Once there is a need to get a locksmith service provided, it's important to make sure that the service in question will be provided by an approved specialist, as well as that if anything goes wrong, for whatever reason - the customer will be covered.

    So if you need a locksmith service, it's rather important to make sure that none of these conditions is compromised. In order to stay on the safe side, you should make sure that you will receive the service from a licensed and bonded locksmiths.

    But what does a "licensed" and "bonded" locksmith stand for exactly? This article is written in order to make it clear for you!


    Licensed Locksmith

    A licensed locksmith is a locksmith technician, who has filed the necessary paperwork with the appropriate agencies and got a license to operate officially, as a business or as an independent individual, in the state where he lives (or the business he works for is based).

    Long story short - a licensed locksmith is someone who got an official approval of the skills that are necessary in order to provide security-related service. Some licensed locksmiths are more experienced than the others, but if there is one thing you should avoid - it's receiving a locksmith service from someone who is not licensed to provide these services at all.


    Bonded Locksmith

    A bonded locksmith (or a locksmith company) is a locksmith who pays a certain fee to a bonding company, that will provide a monetary compensation in case of an accident. The difference between bonding and an insurance is that not only the technician will be covered, but also the client.

    If you ever need a locksmith service provided in Florida, you can be more than sure that our technicians at Locks&Smith Florida are the right people to deal with.

    All our technicians, without exception, are licensed and bonded specialists, who have a lot of experience, knowledge and the best professional equipment there is!