• Keep your keys hidden!

  • How harmful could a picture get? In 2015, a picture of your key can get extremely harmful. A person who knows how to read the codes that are carved in keyblades - will be able to make a copy of your key with primitive ease, once he sees a decent quality photo of your key.

    In an age when cameras are installed in cell phones and can be accessed by literally everyone, all the time - it's extremely important to keep your keys as far away as possible from any type of camera.

    This article is written in order to raise awareness of the risk that is taken, whenever a key gets exposed to any type of camera lens. Read our tips and keep your property safe from scammers!

    • Keep your keys in your pockets or bags - usually, a person uses his or her keys as little as only twice a day. The first time is when that person leaves the house in the morning and the second time when coming back home from work. It usually takes just a few seconds to insert a key and turn it inside the lock, or to take a picture of your key when you look in another direction. During the rest of the day - there is no need to get the keys out of your pockets or bags.
    • When you use a locksmith service, hide your keys set - not all the locksmith technicians are equally honest, but the probability that most of them could make a copy of your key for themselves (if they had a chance to take a photo of it with a smartphone) is rather high. Even a licensed and bonded locksmith technician is not necessarily a saint, so it's better to stay on the safe side and keep an eye on the technician when he is in your house.

    Remember - better safe than sorry! Your security is in your own hands and it's important to pay attention to where you keep your keys and who can see them.

    If you have a reason to suspect that someone might have taken a photo of your key and your security is endangered, call a local locksmith and get your locks rekeyed, ASAP!