• It's not the lock, but the key duplicate!

  • It happens quite often that customers contact Locks&Smith Florida and ask for a lock related solution, although eventually it becomes clear that the issue is not caused by the lock itself, but by the key that is being used in order to open and close the door.

    This article will introduce you to a common security issue, which usually makes a first impression of being a lock issues, but in reality it is not. Some of this information should be seen as useful tips, which can help you to prevent various security related issues in the future.

    If you have a similar situation to what is described in our examples, the sooner you apply our recommendations, the easier will it be for you to prevent possible issues in the future.


    Duplicated keys

    When it comes to the codes that are cut in keys blade, precision matters most. Every thousandth of an inch can make a difference between a key that works smoothly, a key that makes the lock slowly wear out and a key that simply cannot open the lock.

    The precision level of key duplicating machines that locksmith shops and mobile locksmiths use is rather high, but while the original keys that come with the lock are absolutely identical, duplicated keys slightly differ from the originals. As a result - duplicated keys that are sourced from an unoriginal key can sometimes be not good enough to unlock doors smoothly.

    In order to prevent such issues - it's better to put one original key aside and keep it for possible duplication in the future, in case that such a need might emerge. If you have an issue that resembles you what is described in this article, it's better to respond as quickly as possible and contact Locks&Smith Florida. Any delay means more unnecessary damage caused to your lock or your key, so it's better to stay on the safe side!