• It is time to examine your ignition!

  • You open your car door, enter the vehicle, sit down, insert the key into the ignition and... you either find yourself unable to turn the key, or it gets stuck inside the ignition, or even broken! If you are not familiar with any of these situations, consider yourself lucky, because ignition problem is the least pleasant type of surprise that a car owner can come across.

    These issues usually come unexpected, but in many cases - they can actually be prevented, if the car owner pays attention to certain details and chooses to be proactive, instead of hoping for the better and ignoring the foreboding signs. When all is said and done, it's surely a better decision to check out your ignition, if you have a reason to suspect that something might be wrong about it.

    Call Locks&Smith Florida right not at (855) 627-8287 in order to get your ignition examined by one of our licensed and bonded specialists, right on the spot! Should we find out that you need any sort of service provided, it will be done immediately, so your peace of mind will be guaranteed on the long run.  


    The following are some of the most important cases when it's recommended to get your ignition checked out by a professional:

    • Worn out car key - if it's worn out enough to become a threat for your ignition, you will notice it when you insert or eject the key. If you don't take action as soon as possible, you might come across a more serious problem later.
    • Someone recently tried to steal your car - even if he failed, it still means that the thief might have tried to mess around with your ignition. Most of them do and their attempts to start the vehicle at any cost usually damage the ignition.


    Ignition repair services are always cheaper than ignition replacement services, so it's better to prevent serious issues as early as possible. Contact Locks&Smith at (855) 627-8287 for any questions about your ignition, we can service the owners of all makes and models cars!