• Is your safe really safe enough?

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    safe is usually supposed to be the device that provides the best protection to the most important, valuable and confidential belongings.

    Many people even do their best not only to lock their belongings in a high quality safe, but also to hide the safe from others and keep it as secret as possible.

    In recent years, the use of safes is getting more and more common, so if you are planning to join the ranks of safe owners, or have already done so - better make sure that the safe you use is really secure.

    Safe examination tips

    In order to make sure that your possessions are protected the way you want them to be, you should ask the right questions.

    The answers to these questions will let you understand how well your precious belongings are protected.

    The most obvious questions are the following:

    • How much effort does it take to reach your safe? If your safe can be seen by everyone, then you have placed it in the wrong location and it's better to hide it in a place that is harder to reach.
    • Isn't your safe too big? It's better to have a safe that provides enough space to store the content that you want to protect, but it's also better not to install a safe that is way too big. The bigger it is - the harder will it be to keep it hidden.
    • Is your safe fireproof? Immunity to fire is a very important factor, especially if you want to keep money, important documents (or both) in your safe. It's really better to pay some extra for a fireproof safe, if necessary, than to compromise on the safety of its content.

    If you have any doubt about the choice that you have made, go the extra mile and consult with an expert!

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