• Individual Security Needs

  • There is a misconception that many locksmith companies have to face on a daily basis when providing their services. Many people are not aware of the extremely wide assortment of locks that are available on the market nowadays, left alone the differences between them.

    The ever-growing selection of different residential and commercial locks keep expanding as years pass, not for the sake of getting people confused, but for the sake of serving different types of needs, which different people might have.

    The following article deals with the characteristics that create different and often unique security needs, which require different types of approach and equipment in order to be solved.

    Type of issue

    This one is quite obvious, but also very important, nonetheless. For example - totally different tools are needed in order to unlock a door, than the ones needed in order to rekey a lock.

    On the other hand, you can be sure that our technician has all the necessary equipment carried with him in his van, no matter what type of service you need him to provide.

    Type of property

    Do you live in an apartment with 2 roommates, or in your own private villa? Or is the service needed for a business place?

    A lock that would be great for a restaurant, would not necessarily serve the needs of someone who owns a shop, an office or a factory. Different types of locks are engineered to service different types of needs. (For example - panic bars are great for an emergency exit, but definitely not for an apartment's front door).


    This one refers both to the geographical location of the property in question (be it an industrial area of the city, a neighborhood that is famous for numerous burglaries, or anywhere else) and to the exact place inside the building (e.g. a door that is used for a bedroom, or one that is used for the toilet).

    To sum it up, there is no such a thing as "standard needs" that are common to all customers. Each person has individual needs and we at Locks&Smith Florida will provide the ultimate solution for each and every case, depending on its specific circumstances.