• How long does it take to provide a locksmith service?

  • Ironically, it happens rather often that customers find it amusing that a security issue that they considered to be quite hard to overcome, took a professional, experienced locksmith just a few minutes to fix.

    Some people almost consider it a to be a reason to complain, as if they prefer the locksmiths to work slowly and waste everyone's precious time, just in order to make an impression that it was a mission nearly impossible to overcome and required an extremely big effort from the technician's side.

    The following article is written in order to let potential locksmith services users know what they should expect, once they call a locksmith company and ask to get a mobile technician to be dispatched to their address. For any additional questions, feel free to calls us at (855) 627-8287!

    Estimated Time of Arrival

    It usually takes a locksmith technician between 15 and 30 minutes to get to the customer's location. Of course, it depends on the distance and the traffic. Some companies offer faster response and charge more money for it, others offer a cheaper service, but need more time to show up. T

    he majority of locksmith companies publish the information about the estimated time of arrival of their technicians on their websites. If you cannot find this important piece of information on a locksmith company's website, that's quite strange and suspicious.

    If you still prefer to us that company, make sure that you ask them how long it should take their tech to get to your address. If their technician doesn't show up 5-10 minutes later than expected and gives excuses that you find hard to believe, cancel the service and call another company!

    Service Providing Time

    There are so many different types of services and so many different types of locks, keys and other factors that can have a direct impact on the time it takes to provide one or another service, that it's impossible to give one precise answer. However, a professional locksmith usually doesn't need more than an hour and a half to make a new car key, or over 10 minutes to unlock or car or a house. Lock replacement, depending on the type of lock and the type of door, should take anything between 10 minutes (for simple locks) to 30-40 minutes to install a complicated lock.

    The most important message that we would like to convey is that if a locksmith completes his mission in just 5 minutes, it doesn't mean that the task was too easy, that the labor is not worth the price you were charged, or that anyone who is not a professional locksmith would be able to provide the same solution, equally fast. A quickly provided service is a result of high professional level and years of experience. It's worth every cent and should be appreciated, rather than criticized.