• Home Locksmith F.A.Q.

  • Different home security issues tend to have a lot in common. After all, everything is related to locks and keys.

    Also, the majority of clients call and ask for a home locksmith service when they suddenly discover that they have a problem and need a solution that can be provided as fast as possible.

    This news article will introduce and answer the most common questions that customers tend to ask our dispatchers at Locks&Smith Florida, when they need a residential locksmith service. These answers should give you a better idea about what you should expect, once you use our residential locksmith services.


    Q: How fast can you get to my address and provide the service that I need?

    A: It will take up to 20 minutes from the moment you let us know your address, until the nearest mobile locksmith arrives to your location. The amount of time that is needed to do the labor, depends on the type of service. You can get a rough estimate by phone, once you call us.


    Q: Are your locksmiths licensed and bonded?

    A: Yes, all of them are. It's a compulsory condition here at Locks&Smith Florida.


    Q: Will you provide any guarantee on your service?

    A: Yes, your new key, lock, or any other device you purchase from us, will be covered with a 90-day guarantee.


    Q: I'm not sure what type of lock I have, but it's broken and I need a new one. Can you help me?

    A: Yes, it will be easy for our technician to detect the type of your lock, on site. You will be able to choose a replacement lock from the great assortment of locks, which our technicians always carry in their vans. They will also gladly recommend the option that will suit your needs and your budget best.


    Q: What is a lock rekey?

    A: It's a cheaper, yet equally effective alternative to the lock replacement service. To rekey a lock means to change the code inside it, so the original key will not match the lock anymore. Lock rekey is recommended in case of keys loss - it will provide the same result as a lock change, but you won't have to pay the price of a brand new lock.


    Q: What is the difference between (2 different types of locks)?

    A: There are indeed so many types of locks available nowadays that it's hard to figure out what exactly you need, unless a profound research is made. An easier way to find the lock that will do the best job for you is to ask our technicians to consult you about it.


    If you have any questions that are not mentioned here, feel free to call Locks&Smith Florida at (855) 627-8287!