• Electronic Locks

  • Are you looking for a new lock to install at your business place? If so, it's better to make sure that your knowledge is up to date. The world keeps on turning, technology keeps progressing, and locks are no exception to the rule.

    The following article will introduce you to the world of electronic locks and provide basic information about the different types of these locks.

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    • Numerical code locks - this is the most common type of electronic locks, which don't require any keys in order to be unlocked. Usually, a combination of 4, 5 or 6 digits is used, in order to open an electronic lock. The biggest advantages of this lock are the facts that there is no chance that anyone will lose the key and someone else will be able to access the property, as well as that the code can be changed easily, in case that you fire an unreliable employee.
    • Security tokens - these locks can be opened by swiping a smart card, or other similar device. The unlocking process does not differ much from that of a regular lock that needs a key, but it's definitely harder to duplicate a smart card than a primitive key. It will also be easy to reprogram the lock, if a smart card gets lost. This will spare you the need to rekey or replace the lock!
    • RFID (Radio frequency identification) locks - this lock is based on the use of radio waves, which are transmitted by a device that is carried by its owner. In the case of RFID locks, retty much no action should be taken from the user's side, in order to unlock the door.
    • Biometric locks - this category of locks refers to lock mechanisms that rely on such methods as fingerprint scanning, iris scanning and voice recognition. They are usually used for the most confidential sections of a business, which should not be accessed by anyone but few selected individuals.

    Each type of lock has its pros and cons, including the most advanced electronic locks. To make sure that you choose the lock that suits your needs and your price range - feel free to consult with our experts at Locks&Smith Florida! Dial (855) 627-8287 now!