• Duplicate home keys from pictures? Beware!

  • Key duplication

    There is no doubt that technological progress has had a great impact on our lives. It simplified many once complicated processes and raised the quality level of many security devices to new heights.

    Many security related solutions that were considered complicated, as well as time and money consuming, became widely available and easily accessible for everyone, anytime and nearly everywhere.

    One of the newest trends in the security sphere is companies that offer key duplication services, based on a photo of the customer's key. Is it a new page in the history of security solutions, or a big step in the wrong direction?

    The following are the reasons that are supposed to justify the use of this type of service:

    • There is no need to have a professional camera - even your smartphone can do the job
    • It takes just a few seconds to take a picture of a key
    • It doesn't require much effort to send a picture via e-mail, either

    So far, so good. On the other hand - this level of risk is higher than the level of convenience, which this key duplication method offers.

    First of all, you can never know for sure who will get to see the picture of your key. Even if you have all the reasons to be sure that the company is reliable, information can leak easily and the wrong (unreliable) employee can see which code should be in your home key.

    Obviously, the fact that you should also provide your address to companies that provide this type of service, doesn't make the use of this service more secure. It's the same as giving your home key to a random person that you don't know, telling your exact address and asking that person to keep the key for you.

    Also, there is always a chance that a website that stores this kind of data could be hacked and the information about your home key can reach the wrong people. In conclusion - when you need a home key duplicate made, it's better to go to a locksmith shop and get a duplicate made on the spot. Your key's code will not be stored anywhere and your property will not be exposed to any new danger!