• Deadbolt Locks A-Z

  • In today’s modern society, safety measures have become a necessity in our daily lives. Burglary and crimes rates have increased to such an extent that in order to protect our valuables we must first protect our homes. Doors can be pried or kicked open—knobs drilled out and picked.

    Any kind of lock can be bypassed with know-hows, but deadbolts, are harder to breach. To know whether your locks are in good shape or if they need to be updated, have a professional locksmith check them out.   

    What are Deadbolts?

    Deadbolts, also called deadlocks, are a lock device that is generally installed on external doors and are not spring loaded. This makes a door resistant to opening when the wrong key is used.

    Types of Deadbolts

    • Singular Deadbolts are the most common and simple locks that consist of a lock on one side and a knob on the other.
    • Double Cylinder Deadbolts consists of a lock on both sides of the door. These deadbolts are banned from some areas due to fire safety regulations. Double Cylinders is a suggested use for windows.
    • Keyless Deadbolts do not require the use of a key, but rather your thumbprint or a pin code, depending on which kind you decide on.  
    • The Rim Deadbolt is placed on the inside face of the door and automatically locks the door when it closes.
    • Vertical Deadbolts are placed at the top of any door.
    • Mortise Deadbolts are placed at the edge of a door. In this case, tampering with the lock becomes more difficult.

    How to Choose the Right Deadbolt Lock

    In order to know what kind of lock suits you and your home, shop around to see the kind of locks that are available. Weigh the pros and cons—it’s better to think things through than wasting money on locks that can easily be picked. Think about the concerns you have about your security, your property, and personal welfare. Go seek the advice of a qualified locksmith in your area.