• Common Ignition Problems (Pt. 2)

  • As a local business, that was founded in order to help local residents solve their security issues, our aim is not only to try to have as many customers as possible.

    Sometimes, a piece of advice can be as helpful as a professional locksmith service. To have satisfied customers is our primary aim. This is what we would consider as the only right way to run a business.

    There are many ignition related issues that require a professional locksmith service in order to be solved, but some of them do not. This article is written in order to provide a useful piece of advice, that can spare you the need to use a locksmith service when you have an ignition related issue.

    What might cause your ignition die while you drive?

    It happens quite often that a car starts successfully and you start to drive, but then something happens and the ignition dies in the middle of the road. In many cases, it means that the ignition switch is simply worn out.

    There is no need to lose voltage for more than a fraction of a second, in order to make the engine stop working. This is usually caused by corroded or worn contacts inside the switch. A small vibration is enough to make it happen, so don't be surprised if your worn ignition stops working while you drive a rough road.

    Another common reason that affects the ignition switch in a very negative way and often makes the ignition stop working in the middle of the road is the heavy weight of the key ring. If you have many keys on your key ring and your car often stops working in the middle of the road, remove the key ring and try to drive without it.

    If the issue is really the heavy weight of the other keys, that disconnects the electricity - it's still important to get the faulty contacts problem fixed by a professional.

    The key ring removal tip should be seen only as an advice that will help you to get to your destination safely, before you call a locksmith and get the ignition examined.