• Common Ignition Problems (Pt. 1)

  • The ignition is what starts and also ends each and every trip that you make by car. Although it's not the most advanced and sophisticated part of the vehicle, it's surely an important one, so if something happens to your ignition, make sure that you get it fixed by a professional.

    It's also important to know that there are numerous ignition related issues that don't require professional treatment and can be easily sorted out, if you only know what should be done.

    The news article that will be published this week, will be dedicated to these common ignition related problems, which every driver can solve on his own, without using a locksmith service.

    You insert the key into the ignition, but you can't turn the key

    If something like this happens, try to turn the steering wheel back and forth. It often happens that one of the front wheels of the car is turned at an angle against the roadside. It can prevent the ignition from starting.

    Another reason why an ignition wouldn't start can be a worn out key. If you have a spare key, try to start the car with it. If it works, then it's not an ignition issue, but a key issue. The solution is to get another copy of the key that works made by a locksmith.

    If it's possible to turn the key in the ignition, but it feels hard to do so (in either direction), then it might be a good idea to lubricate the ignition. Before doing so, make sure that you don't use a conductive lubricant, because it might short out the contacts inside the ignition. Such lubricants as dielectric silicon grease and aerosol electronics cleaner will do a good job.

    If none of the solutions suggested in this post help, it's time to contact Locks&Smith Florida and get your ignition examined by one of our experienced specialists. Call us at (855) 627-8287 and let us know about your issue!