• Common Home Security Mistakes

  • This week, we will provide useful tips that will help you to keep your house, car and business safe, by avoiding some common mistakes that people tend to make.

    First, we will start with common home security mistakes, which are the most common ones among all of them. Should you have any questions about our tips or in general - feel free to call us at (855) 627-8287 for a consultation!  


    Mistake #1 - Leaving your keys inside the house When it comes to home security, house lockout is the most common of them all, because home keys are usually used by all the members of every family, children and adults alike. The most obvious piece of advice is definitely to develop a habit of making sure that you are holding the key in your hands, each time you open the door, before you step over the threshold and leave your house.

    The probability that one would forget to do it in a moment of pressure, though, is rather high, so it's not the best piece of advice possible. If you tend to face house lockout issues too often, the ultimate solution for your problem is to change a lock and install a lock that has a handle on the outside as well. Then you will be able to open your door anytime, even if you left your set of keys inside the house.  

    Mistake#2 - Choosing a new lock, because of its price This tip is related to the cheapest locks and the most expensive ones at the same time. Besides the security level provided by different locks, there are many other factors that have an impact on the price tags of the locks that you can see in our chops.

    What really matters is your own individual needs. In some cases, a cheaper lock will serve one's needs much more effectively than a lock that costs twice as much, and vice versa. Just like in case of a lock with a handle or without a handle that was discussed in the previous tip - what really matters is your needs and priorities.


    If you need to choose a new lock, our representatives at Locks&Smith Florida will gladly help you to make the right choice!