• Common Business Security Mistakes

  • Although there are many common mistakes that people tend to do both when it comes to the security of their houses and that of their business places, there are some common mistakes that business owners (as well as their employees) tend to do, which are unlikely to happen elsewhere.

    Here are the 2 most common problems that our business locksmith services providers tend to come across:  


    Mistake#1 - replacing locks after firing unreliable employees. Some companies have a rather stable staff of workers that don't change much over the years, while in other places - substitution of employees is nothing out of the ordinary. If your business belongs to the latter category and you found yourself in need to fire a suspicious worker that you simply cannot trust, who also used to have the key to your business place, there is an easier and cheaper solution for your problem. This solution is a lock rekey. A lock rekey will spare you the price of a brand new lock, so if you have a high end lock that you don't want to replace - you will save a lot of cash, without compromising on the security of your business.

    Mistake#2 - installation of unsuitable types of locks. The locks market has so many different types of locks to offer that if you don't keep updating your knowledge all the time, you might find yourself unable to figure out what type of lock you really need to install in each one of the doors of your restaurant, factory or any other business place you might have. Sometimes, lack of attention paid to small details can make the difference between a well protected are an one that is absolutely not (like a lock with handles on both sides, installed in a door that should not have a handle on the outside).


    If you want to make sure that your locks serve your needs perfectly and there is no compromise made on any section of your business, contact Locks&Smith Florida at (855) 627-8287 to get your needs examined by our business security experts, on-site. We will offer you the most cost effective solutions, no matter what type of business you own!