• Car Lockout F.A.Q.

  • Car lockout is an extremely popular service, which is always in demand, no matter how improbable the possibility of a car lockout might seem to the majority of car owners.

    It happens almost to every driver and it's also the most common type of emergency issue, among those that tend to occur late at night. As a result, it often leads the victims to try to solve the problem on their own and to try to unlock the car, using any random tools they are able to access.

    Most of these DIY attempts end up being failures, that lead the locked out people to call a locksmith company, in order to ask the following questions, the answers to which you will find in this news update:


    Q: If I use your service, can you guarantee that no damage will be caused to the vehicle?

    A: Yes, you can be sure that not a single scratch will appear on your car, once a Locks&Smith Florida representative comes to unlock your car door or trunk.

    Q: The make of my car is (...) and the model is (...), can you unlock it?

    A: Yes, our locksmiths can unlock all makes and models cars, no matter which one you have.

    Q: Are your locksmiths licensed and bonded?

    A: Yes, all of them are. It's our primary, compulsory employment condition.

    Q: How long will it take the locksmith to arrive and to unlock the car?

    A: Our average response time is 20 minutes from the moment you provide your address. The car lockout service itself is usually just a matter of a few minutes.

    Q: Could you please explain me how to unlock my car?

    A: No. If it was such an easy thing for everyone to do, such a locksmith service as a car lockout would not exist at all. Also, auto theft would be a much more common phenomenon.

    Q: Can your locksmith come over, just to lend me the tools, so I'll unlock the door myself?

    A: No. Car lockout is a procedure that requires not only some particular tools, but also professional knowledge. Experience is a nice bonus as well, of course.


    To sum it up, it's really better to use a professional locksmith's service, when a car key gets locked inside the vehicle. If it happens to you, contact Locks&Smith Florida right away!