• Business Lockout Prevention Tips

  • Business lockout issues are quite popular, although this kind of incident is rather easy to prevent. Usually, the reason why a certain business lockout issue takes place is the fact that the lock that is installed in the door does not suit the real needs of the business in question.

    To unlock a business is not a complicated mission for our technicians, but since our aim is not to provide the same service to the same client over and over again, but to help our customers to find the optimal solutions to their problems (that will keep them covered on the long run) - we would like to recommend some useful solutions to those of our customers who own a business.

    The main reason why people get locked out of their houses and businesses is usually the fact that their doors cannot be unlocked from the outside, unless the person who wants to unlock it has a key. Call Locks&Smith Florida at (855) 627-8287 if you have any questions regarding the solution that will work best for you!  


    The following locks will allow you and your employees to prevent lockout issues for good, without compromising on the security level of your office:

    • Key card locks - these locks can be opened without a key, but with a special card, which your workers should carry with them. If they have a card hanging on them all day long, they won't need to take their keys with them.
    • Keypad locks - if your employees forget to take their keys (or even cards) with them wherever they go, they will still be able to unlock the door from the outside by pressing a code.
    • Scanners locks - these locks will provide the best value for your money, because then you will be sure that your workers will never lock themselves out of the business place again, but neither will any unauthorized person be able to access your property.

    There are different factors that make one option suit a certain business better than the others. We will gladly help you to decide which option is the best for you!