• Business Lockout F.A.Q.

  • Although many business places have different types of locks installed, in order to provide higher levels of protection than what standard locks usually offer,business lockout issues are far from being rare.

    When a business owners call and ask for a service that is not a security upgrade, it's usually because they or their employees found themselves locked out and need a fast emergency solution, provided by a professional locksmith.


    The following is a list of the questions that are the most frequently asked by our customers, when they call us in order to get a business lockout service, accompanied by the answers to these questions:

    Q: I have a high security lock installed in the door. Will your technician be able to unlock it?

    A: Yes. our locksmiths are experienced professionals. They are trained to unlock any type of lock, including different types of high security locks.

    Q: I need to make sure that you send a licensed and bonded locksmith to unlock my business. Can you do it?

    A: Yes, of course! All our technicians are licensed and bonded.

    Q: How soon can your technician show up?

    A: It will take up to 20 minutes to arrive to the customer's address, so it will be fast.

    Q: If my lock appears to be broken beyond repair and I need to get a replacement lock installed, will you be able to do it?

    A: Yes, Locks&Smith Florida offers a wide selection of commercial locks and each one of our technicians always has them carried with him in the van, so if you need a brand new lock to be installed once the business lockout is made, you will get it done on the spot!

    Q: I'm not sure what type of lock is installed in my door. Will you be able to unlock it anyway?

    A: Yes, you can rest assured that our technician will find a solution, no matter what type of lock it might be.