• Broken Car Key Extraction

  • Although car keys are made of metal and thus seem to be rather sturdy objects, sometimes they can get broken by accident.

    The most problematic cases of broken car keys appear to be the ones when the key is broken while it's inside the ignition. As a result - a part of the key can stay stuck inside the ignition.

    To remove a piece of a broken car key out of the ignition is quite a challenge for someone who has never dealt with such a problem before and doesn't have the necessary equipment, but a professional locksmith should be able to handle this task, easily.


    What should you avoid doing, if a piece of your key gets stuck inside the ignition?

    • Disassembling the ignition
    • Trying to pull the key with another metal object
    • Inserting the second part of the key and trying to start the car


    If you think that all these warnings are obvious, you will be surprised to discover how often it happens that car owners try to make similar experiments, which almost always fail. The problem is not really the attempts to solve the issue, but the results they tend to lead to.

    The most common result that DIY broken key extraction attempts tend to lead to are nothing more than unnecessary extra damage, caused to the ignition. A serious damage caused to the ignition can get pretty expensive to fix, especially when this service is provided in addition to a brand new car key that might be needed (unless you have a spare key and don't need a new one).

    An installation of a brand new ignition is an ever more pricey service, which can be avoided with primitive ease. All you should do in case that your car key gets broken and a part of it remains stuck inside the ignition is calling a professional locksmith. If you need this service in Florida, contact Locks&Smith Florida right now at (855) 627-8287!