• Beware of fake locksmith stickers!

  • No matter how infamous thieves and burglars are considered in the eyes of the society, it would be naive to deny the fact that some of them can get extremely creative.

    Recently, some burglars in London, UK started to use a new method of marking houses that are "worth trying to break into". They simply put fake stickers of locksmith companies, thus marking the house as vulnerable enough.

    If it happened there, there is no reason why such a method could not be used in other places as well, so it's better to be careful, once you notice a sticker of a locksmith company on your home or on the house that does not belong to you.

    The following signs will help you to find out if the sticker is genuine (and is intended to promote a legit locksmith company) or fake (and dangerous!):

    • The location of the sticker - if the sticker is located that can be easily noticed - there is a high probability that it was put there in order to be noticed by potential customers, whenever they need a real locksmith service. If the sticker is hard to notice, or even looks almost hidden - it's time to be skeptical about how genuine it is.
    • If you see a suspicious sticker of a locksmith company - call the phone number and see if it's a real phone number, that belongs to a locksmith company!
    • Poorly designed stickers, or ones that have a low printing quality, could also be a bad sign. A real business will try to design a high quality sticker, that catches the attention of the beholder.

    If you noticed a suspicious sticker on your own house - better take preventive action and remove it. Also, if thieves consider your property to be an easy target, they might have a point, so it's better to upgrade your security and install better locks, or an alarm system.

    Once you see a sticker that looks suspicious on a house that does not belong to you - please do your best and notify the owner about it, as soon as possible! Public awareness and mutual help could help you in the future as well!