• Alarm systems - primitive or advanced ones?

  • Many of the phone calls that we at Locks&Smith Florida receive - come from business owners in need of an alarm system (be it a new alarm system, installed at a new business place, or an upgrade of an old systems that no longer works or doesn't seem to be safe enough).

    As a result, our technicians have noticed that in many cases, business owners have alarm systems that don't really match their own needs. Some of them have alarm systems that are way too primitive, while other have alarm systems that don't really justify the price they cost, considering the individual needs of the place they are installed in.

    While the latter does not completely miss the point (since an advanced alarm system is still good enough to protect the business when needed), the use of a primitive alarm system (usually - due to its low price) is nothing short of pure waste of money from the owner's side.

    A good example would be a bells only alarm, installed in a storage place, located far away from society, without any guards and rarely visited by anyone. Should anyone try to commit a burglary in the middle of the night (when nobody is around), the only problem they will have to handle is the noise, which can be solved by earplugs or even patience alone. If the owner of the place is located far away and no SMS message or phone calls is send to his phone - then it's pointless to have the bell only alarm device installed to begin with.

    To sum it up, there are different types of alarm systems and different types of individual needs of every business (that depends of such factors as location, presence or absence of a human guard in the area, the type and value of the property that should be protected and more). These needs and the type of alarm system should match, and if you need any help in finding the type of alarm system that would work best for you - contact us anytime for a consultation!

    Our specialists will be more glad to help you!