• Alarm systems

  • If you are looking for a quality alarm system to protect your property from unauthorized entry, you are looking at the right place. In addition to the automotive, residential and commercial locksmith services that our technicians at Locks&Smith Florida provide, we also offer a large selection of alarm systems for home and business owners.

    Call us today at (855) 627-8287 for a consultation, we will gladly dispatch a mobile technician to your address, in order to evaluate your individual needs and provide an obligation-free estimate. You will get an alarm system that will do your security justice!

    There are many types of detectors used for various alarm systems, such as the following:

    • Passive infrared detectors
    • Ultrasonic detectors
    • Photo-electric beams
    • Glass break detection

    Our company works with the leading brands of security alarms and our assortment of security alarm systems consists of the best models that each one of them produces. Due to the high demand for our security alarm installation services, we always have large stocks of all types of security alarm systems, which we offer for rather competitive prices. 

    Whether you are just looking for the most affordable alarm system to be installed in a small apartment, or the most innovative and advanced solution for a large factory, our catalog will satisfy all of your needs. We believe that the best solution does not necessarily have to be the most expensive one, hence we always offer the most cost effective solutions for every customer and not necessarily the ones that cost more.

    You can call us anytime to schedule an appointment with one of our alarm systems specialists. All of them are licensed and bonded experts, who have a deep understanding of the security sphere. Once you choose to cooperate with Locks&Smith Florida, you can rest assured that your property will get the treatment it deserves. Just call us at (855) 627-8287!

  • Movement Detectors

    These alarm systems respond to movement or heat. Our experienced technicians will find the best location to install the sensors, so it will be impossible to move inside your property unnoticed. 

  • Speech Dialler

    When this alarm goes off, it will notify you or other people (whose phone numbers you should provide) about the emergency by calling or sending a message. A speech dialler is a great alternative to monitoring services.

  • Bells Only Alarm

    This is a basic alarm that will only make loud noise when it goes off. It won't notify anyone when the alarm goes off, but your neighbors will surely be aware of the fact that something has gone wrong and you should be notified about it.